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I’m not saying that all the content is original and theirs, but they have found a way (paying people!! This brings us to some intersectionality of a different kind.

Discussion surrounding feminism is not just about feminism, but also about women’s labor and the creative class, a group of people who add tremendous value to society, but often work without fair compensation.

A career in feminism can mean many things, from the terrifying fluff of “girl power” to working at a domestic violence shelter or as an inspired politician. Martin has authored books and Valenti founded Much of the recent backlash surrounding Valenti and Martin’s report seems to stem from the fact that they didn’t include all feminist bloggers This critique comes as Jezebel, the for-profit feminist juggernaut rolled out a platform (very similar to Feministing’s) by which users may create their own content and have their own blog as part of Jezebel.

But don’t worry, Jezebel says, ‘we’re not trying to make money off of you, just give us all your genius ideas.’ Who needs unpaid internships when we can for Jezebel for free? Nearly 50 percent of “feminist” articles I come across through friends have the Jezebel brand attached to them.

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