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Do you feel the same way and do you feel you have a legitimate shot at becoming World Champions in the future?Tanith/Benjamin: As North American skaters in an event which, historically, has been dominated by European skaters, we have been trying to climb the ladder to the top for many years. with a green card which I received late August, 2002.

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I began skating when I was barely three years old, and since then it’s been all I’ve known, so I can’t wait to get out there and find out what else I can succeed at in this world.

Cheri: You knew that the 2002 Olympics would be out of reach for you due to the nationality issues, yet you still chose to skate with each other.

Somewhere along the way it was labeled as a protest, or an attack by the skaters to the ISU, when in actuality the majority of the skaters, including us, took this course of action to try and establish some kind of communication with the ISU officials so that we could work together to ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved in our event that we are a part of an equitable and respected sport.

Paula: Sometimes it seems that international judges somewhat discriminate against North American dance teams.

Tanith: To be completely honest, I’ve been asking myself the same thing!

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