Vanness wu dating

Vanness wu dating

Rumors alone could hold back tons of stuffs restricting one in various ways.吴建豪 Vanness Wu have been gaining praises just last month for his acting skills in one of the latest Taiwan drama 下一站,幸福 Autumn’s Concerto.

If you know the infamous war between 2 Singaporean bloggers Dawn Yang and Xiaxue back in 2008, you’ll know who she is.

This article was first run in The Straits Times newspaper on August 15, 2013.

TAIPEI - Pop star Vanness Wu announced on Chinese Valentine's Day on Tuesday that he would wed Singaporean jewellery designer Arissa Cheo.

In 2002, Wu became the second F4 member, after Vic Chou, to release his debut solo album, Body Will Sing.