Updating interior doors milo ventimiglia is dating

and you can test any of these out by using painter’s tape on the door to make sure it’s balanced and looks like you want! some of these are shown unfinished so you can easily see the design.Be sure to click over to each site for the finished look and details on how they did it!Since then, Remodelaholic has become a great community and resource for all those wanting to know how to make their builder-grade home BEAUTIFUL on a budget!

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In a perfect world, they would all be beautifully constructed and detailed solid wood, but there’s no way I’m spending that much on all of the doors in the house. I briefly considered making them all stained wood, but that requires veneer (which is quite costly), so I decided to go with paint instead.

I ran through a few gray options but decided they would compete with the gray in the floors, and then I saw this from Dear Lillie and was absolutely sold on black: There’s just something about black doors that brings character, richness and sophistication to a space.

Then clear the built up caulk from the door casing and the trim pieces so it’s nice and clean for reinstallation: I decided to hang the door back up first before painting it because 1) it was 100° in the garage, and 2) I could turn on the TV in our room to make it more enjoyable.

It really doesn’t matter either way, you just have to be slightly more careful to not paint the casing.

First remove the doorknob and add the beadboard wallpaper as shown above.