Updating excel links

We'll perform some more investigations and get back with working solution - I hope so) Now try Siddharth Rout's answer. With the above script - no warnings) May share video for you))) Excel 2007 - just in case. Screen Shot: EDIT So applying it to your code, your code will look like this Option Explicit Sub Sample() get Workbook "c:\Sample1.xlsx" End Sub Function get Workbook(bk Path As String) As Workbook Application.

First of all, I performed a clean Office 2010 x86 install on Clean Win7 SP1 Ultimate x64 virtual machine powered by VMWare (this is usual routine for my everyday testing tasks, so I have many of them deployed). Ask To Update Links = False Set get Workbook = Workbooks. Ask To Update Links = True End Function That code worked for me Sid (in xl2010) in that it disabled the message, but it did update the link in the background. Open(bk Path, False)` will suppress the warning, and not drive the update.

You can copy several items and paste them all at once with the Paste All command or even clear all copied items.

To access the Clipboard viewer select the dropdown at the top of the worksheet task pane.

So if you’re coming to Excel 2013 from Excel 2003 or earlier, Table 3.1 shows you the updated limits.