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Police records in GTA III's official website indicated that Asuka had only arrived in the United States in 1991, ten years prior to GTA III.In the records, it is also revealed that Asuka assumed a leadership role in the Yakuza for her senior "torture, security and information retrieval" skills. Introduced in: "Liberator" Disappears during: "Decoy" Donald Love (voiced by Kyle Mac Lachlan) is a media mogul and owner of Love Media, "the fastest growing US-run media conglomerate in the past five years".

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However, when the screen portraying Claude and Maria walking away fades to black Maria is still heard talking, until a gunshot is heard. M." Asuka Kasen (Japanese: 加瀬明日香, Kasen Asuka) is a co-leader of the Liberty City Yakuza, who is called on by Maria to bring her and Claude to safety from the Leone family after Salvatore attempted to kill Claude.

Her fate is left ambiguous by Rockstar Games, who refuse to state whether the gunshot from Claude was to kill Maria or to simply silence her. She provides further jobs for Claude, and introduces him to her brother, Kenji Kasen.

Love Media also owns the Liberty Tree, Liberty City's local newspaper.

Prior to arriving in the city in 2001, Love was residing in the Caribbean and lived on a private yacht.

Later in the game, Asuka can be seen torturing Miguel and instructing Claude to destroy Catalina's SPANK drug operation, as an act of revenge for the killing of her brother by an unknown Colombian Cartel assassin (the assassin is actually Claude).

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