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In each case I requested readers to send corrections and additions to me. Deacon Merrill received in exchange twelve acres in ye. The acknowledgements of these mutual deeds were not taken until August, 1719, and they were recorded with Essex Deeds, book 35, leaf 246, and book 36, leaf 244, respectively.

The fact that in ten years no material errors or omissions have been brought to my notice is evidence of the substantial completeness of that portion of this work. Of the subsequent history of this land, for more than a century, I have no knowledge.

In some such books aniline inks have been employed, and the text is fading owing to action of sunlight. In these journeys after salt hay Moses6 Merrill (Gyles5, Moses4,3, Daniel2) of Haverhill worked in conjunction with his neighbor, True Kimball of Plaintow, N. They bought in common a number of adjoining parcels of marsh at Cape Merrill, their holdings extending more than a quarter of a mile on Plum Island River, and about thirty-two rods on Oldtown, or Parker, River.

Twelve acres, at the end of the Cape, was granted by the town to John1 Merrill in 1646.

They asked yt if no beter method may be found out for our relief yt we may be Set of so far as may agree wth righteousness & Religion to maintain our minister & ministry amongst our Selves the charge whereof we chuse abundantly rather to undergo then to haue our good ends, designs and Endeuaers above sd frustrated and mad voide.