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I still love listening to old tapes from way back then but would never go to a club. Yes, i'm a wee bit passionate about the good old days.

Bit long in the tooth for that now, and i stopped dabbling in alcohol and other substances a couple of years ago. For todays scene, sadly i'm not really interested...it's the old tunes i like alongside the memories.

The scenes gone too weird for my liking, personally I can only manage drum and bass, oldskool, and breakbeat, oh and turntablism as well. Ah, the old days.....*drifts off on a sea of memories with stiff nips and the hair on the back of her neck standing up...*Yeah went to many raves, ect, still listen to my old rave tunes especialy when i`m cleaning the house, gets it done a bit quicker, these days i love DJ Teisto, and a few others, like dance music, but not the ministry of sounds stuff I am an old raver..

Thats always the sign of a talented DJ and I love to watch them in action, unlike the plonkers stomping gurning and punching the air like demented lunatics , thats not very talented at all! I used to frequent Tribal Gatherings, World Dances, Desires, and local smaller events. I suppose i was part of the 'E' generation, and i'm not ashamed.

I was lucky enough to get to the first Quadrant Park reunion though a year or so ago (I think) and I've been friends with some of the old Blackburn warehouse dj's for a bit (those that are still knocking about that is). Ah, the old days.....*drifts off on a sea of memories with stiff nips and the hair on the back of her neck standing up...*Pawlett Manor. My passion is house though.dark and dirty..i love it all.

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