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Merck, Gilead Sciences and other scientists are all working to identify correct combinations of the small molecules that are capable of luring latent HIV out of hiding.

This approach might be combined with others so that the immune system will be able to recognize such cells in the system and even kill them.

Groups like THE THIRD EAR BAND and QUINTESSENCE relied on eastern Indian music influences and, sometimes, medieval tones.

Other groups like the weird COMUS, THE TREES, SPIROGYRA, FOREST, the superb JAN DUKES DE GREY (all listed in the Prog Archives) but also TRADER HORNE, TUDOR LODGE, FOTHERINGAY, MAGNA CARTA, TIR NA NOG (all of whom could also be in the Prog Archives) were out to break new ground but with less commercial success as their predecessor.

Users are asked to outline their views on social, economic and foreign policy issues when they sign up. According to Fondrier, the Blue State Date and Red State Date are intended to stymie political disagreements before they even start.