Prison ladies dating

Still, no harm would have been done if love letters were all that was ever going to happen. Sandy's hubby, a sad and moronic creature to be sure, had somehow, despite his pervasive alcoholic haze, gathered enough wits about him to take legal action to recover his children.

But things took a more serious turn when the feller was let out. After a bit of a to and fro, the courts decided that Sandy must return the children to their rightful home as her place was judged to be an unsafe and unstable environment.

Well, that would have been too much of a fairytale, wouldn't it?

Poor old Sandy swore to stand by her man, through thick and thin.

Though he was unemployed, unemployable, suffering B. and burdened by mental issues and practically broke, Sandy, in the face of all this, reaffirmed her love. Sandy's response was to promptly go into hiding with the children, then go on the run with them and her new man.