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I've known a few transwomen, someone in my social circle (that I didn't know well) has undergone GRS, and last I'd heard, was pleased with the results.

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This may or may not be the place to find them though.

There are other dating sites more geared towards Post Op females. Out of curiosity,is there a "surgery" for female to male beyond breast removal,and have you had it done?

I assume they simply give females male hormones to make thier clits grow,(not to mention facial hair and muscles) and that's about all they can do to make a penis for you.

I dont really know if I would be open to dating a post op t-person or not ...

Usually, masculinizing genitoplasty involves the removal of tissue from another part of the body (arm, side of chest, leg, pubic area flap), extension of the urethra, and insertion where the penis is supposed to be.