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While most dating sites have their own apps, there are several app-only services that have attracted users with their elegant, easy-to-use interfaces.

Approving a match can be as simple as swiping the screen with your finger.

And nearly all sites with a subscription-based payment model draw criticism for their automatic subscription renewals, which users say are sneaky and hard to cancel.

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The big names, including, e and Ok, have retained their popularity and lodged modest growth.

However, users -- particularly younger ones -- including the most popular, Tinder.

Ok also shows you when a potential match last logged on, helping distinguish between active and inactive users.

has carved out a reputation as the best online dating site for marriage-minded singles to find their true match, and reviewers say it's well-deserved.

Most services charge a monthly fee for a subscription period of one month to a year if you want to be able to contact other members.