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My biggest interest is animals and I am currently taking Hi, I´m Nellie. But I also couldn´t live without Facebook, the mall, or hanging with friends.

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With the advent of technology, you can now flirt, proposition or even make plans to meet someone from the comfort of your home, your car and if you are really short on time, while you are relieving yourself. There are plenty of dating sites out there, but if you want quality, you are lead to believe that you have to pay for it. Well, according to them (keyword “them”) they have discovered something revolutionary in their “scientific approach.” So what does this scientific approach entail? It takes forever to fill out and you can’t help but feel this unsurmountable pressure to suddenly be clever and unique.

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I´m consistently found humming the songs from Glee. 2010 was kind of a strange one that left i have been live in ontario the past 4 years and am now moving back home to kentville....using this new part of my life to find someone who can aprreciate the smaller things in life.