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TREATY AREAS Newfoundland Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island New Brunswick Québec Ontario(Robinson-Huron Treaty) Ontario(Manitoulin Islands (and other areas)) Ontario(Saugeen Peninsula) Ontario(Southern Ontario) Ontario(Robinson-Superior Treaty) Ontario(Treaty No.

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Hectares in 1902, Acres in 1902 - Area remaining in 1902. - no acreage available The Reserve of Manitoulin Islands was created in 1836 for Ottawa, Ojibwa and other native peoples who wanted to settle there.

(Hectares in 1902, Acres in 1902) Other codes: n.d. The Manitoulin Islands were surrendered in 1862 and smaller reserves (19 - 26) were set apart.

Year of Initial Grant - Year of the initial grant (or first data available) Ethno Linguistic Group - Ethno linguistic group. Area Fields - All area units have been converted to hectares for consistency, but are also provided in acres as in original source documents.

Original Hectares, Original Acres - Area initially cited for reserve or granted land.

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