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I tried to get it to shift to Net News Wire (my preferred RSS reader) as my default RSS choice, but it would not allow me to do so.

Eventually, I selected RCDefault App’s “Disable” option, hoping that would act to “turn off” the program. If Safari has no idea what RSS reader to use, a “No RSS reader is installed” message should appear when you select an RSS feed, prompting you to pick an RSS reader from the Mac App Store. When I next clicked an RSS feed in Safari, Finally, I gave up and deleted RCDefault App from System Preferences altogether.

Safari 6 and Mountain Lion now make doing so harder than before.

Further, as numerous postings on the web indicate, there are still many people who find RSS access from a web browser to be helpful — certainly more than use some of Safari’s esoteric features that still remain.

Beyond RSS feeds The negative consequences of OS X’s removal of RSS support extend beyond opening RSS feeds.