K 82 dating

I think that whenever the two-or-more-digit number is a number that you can count, we read it that way.

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K 82 dating

I wouldn't say "dot" or "point" or anything else between them (and in writing, I would more likely use / or - than .) The wouldn't say "dot" or "point" bit applies in many closely-related contexts, in that we never mention the separator when reading out monetary values (It cost £11.50), times (They close at pm), [email protected] Fingers - But note that you would not say "They close at one one five oh", or "They close at one fifteen zero".

The hours and minutes are always stated as separate two-digit numbers, with the exception that would be "eleven oh five"[email protected] Licks: that applies to money and dates as well.

If a dispute later arises, this can make it difficult to establish exactly what happened.

As in case 82/02, we sometimes have to reach a decision on the basis of whatever evidence is available.

The mandate holder tells the consumer's bank that it has the mandate, and at agreed intervals will then apply to the bank for the required payment.