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It was kind of sad at times for Jessica and Lucius because they both end up fighting their hearts.Cover & Title: You probably noticed that I did NOT give any bonus points for the cover. I mean it's not the ugliest thing but what hurts me to look at it is the title and the cover together. Even after you read it you're still not going to like the title. There is a "guide" book in the story but it's not what I would have picked, at all.

I didn't mention the vampire element in any of the above because it's really not what swayed me to loving the book.

Lucius could have been just any normal exchange student and the story would still make sense, minus the impending uproar between the two vampire clans of course.

Jessica wants none of this and is furious that her adoptive parents let Lucius stay in their guest house above the garage and that Lucius is determined to watch her every move and sneer down on her through his arrogance and conceit.

All she wants it to compete in the 4H races and win her next Mathlete competition. The premise is what captured my attention--it sounded like a little Romeo and Juliet, with Twilight (The Twilight Saga), and The Princess Diaries (Widescreen Edition) all magically mixed together for a fun, new story.

The tree's low, gnarled branches twisted down around him, nearly concealing him in limbs and leaves and shadows.

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