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“It was weird in the beginning when he started talking because he’d say, ‘Daddy’s house, Mommy’s house.’ It was just normal to him,” says Jamie. The weeks and month following the breakup were agony. “You have to start focusing on the good things in your life, and that was exactly what I did. I was sitting on my couch for months like this” – she rocks back and forth – “going, ‘I can’t breathe.’ I felt like I lost -” She stifles the tears. Yet Jamie’s and David’s professional and personal lives are uniquely connected — even their limbs are literally intertwined. [The year we split up] we skated to a love song and we were fine.” In other words, their relationship is a business they own together, only they can’t exactly sell it and split the profits.

Jamie skated with former NHL left-winger Craig Simpson, whom she had known for years from the Edmonton skating scene.

He was huge and she was tiny, but oddly, the guy could skate.

By the time Jesse was 18 months old, the couple had split. I lost five pounds, which I know I didn’t need to lose, and I thought my life was over. You cannot ignore the stages of grieving,” she says. I don’t know what happens to me when I get on the ice. I wasn’t going to change the way I skated with him.” But surely it’s strange to have your ex’s hands on your body, day after day?

They never had to tell their son about the divorce because he never knew them to be together. Jamie has an athlete’s mental discipline, and she tried to train herself out of sorrow: Every night, she wrote down five things to be grateful for. Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts.” The ending of most marriages begins with a physical disentangling; the two parties see each other less and less, and the distance quells the pain. “Even if I have to be romantic with him, I can do it.

The other week, Jamie entered a store in Edmonton, where she lives.