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She is a fan of tattoos and displays quite a few proudly.She has a salt shaker tattoo in the back of her left shoulder, big red rose tattoos on her right shoulder, a tattoo on her right wrist, small tattoos on her left arm, a large tattoo on her right thigh and a small shooting star tattoo on the right-side of her waistline.

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Vause Al (Piper)White Girl (Gloria)Sasquatch (Pennsatucky)Lurch (Pennsatucky)The Hot One (Luschek)Kid (Nicky)Stretch (Tricia)Pigsty (bullies at school)Supercunt (Polly)Lesbian (Chang)Slick (Lolly)Morticia (Lolly) Alexandra "Alex" Vause is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary and the on-and-off lover of main character Piper Chapman. Alex's character is based on Nora (in reality named Catherine Cleary Wolters) Alex Vause is snarky, manipulative and street smart.

While she does associate with other inmates, she keeps to herself emotionally, although she isn't afraid to fight back if provoked.

She wears glasses with thick black frames (described as secretary glasses by Piper).

She has a penchant for dark lipstick when seen in flashbacks.

Alex's mother worked four jobs to support them; nevertheless, they still struggled financially and Alex suffered bullying from her peers (notably Jessica Wedge) due to this.