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For example, we can implement a "login request" as follows: in this case), though could actually be any Java object.

It makes the session invalid, but: * this does not mean the session will be cleaned immediately - it may get cleaned later by a lower priority thread * it doesn't mean the user gets logged out - authentication details may be storred separately * it doesn't mean they won't just be handed another session - the next request may give them a new one, and it may even have the same session ID Dave Whoa! My interpretation of the API and the Javadocs is that ALL bound references will be removed and any listeners notified before the call to invalidate returns.

Hi All, I have got a task to perform in my jsp page.

My jsp page gets called on click of a link in my application.

Jasper Exception so here is tricky one how solve here . Others have helped you make progress on how to do this, but I want to ask what you are trying to do, really, and why you think this is a good idea? How about two or more windows in a Firefox or Chrome browser?