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The site’s age is within 500 years of the oldest evidence of human occupation found in the region.For more, go to "Canada Finds Erebus." SZIGETVAR, HUNGARY—Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman Empire, died in 1566 in Hungary during the siege of Szigetvar Castle.Humans were living at the archaeological site at Monte Verde, located at the edge of Patagonia, some 14,600 years ago.

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One of the children had been buried beneath a roof tile. City archaeologist Alastair Mac Intosh explained that evidence of Roman buildings dating back to the first century had been found in the area, but the discovery of the cemetery was a surprise.

Since Roman burials were usually placed outside the city walls, the site could help researchers determine the early limits of the city of Lindum.

Langley suggests that the projectiles were used in conjunction with poison, perhaps made from the poisonous fruit of the Mkunazi plant.

(Charcoal from the Mkunazi plant was found during a previous investigation.) For more on archaeology in this area, go to "Stone Towns of the Swahili Coast." FREDERICTON, CANADA—A campsite estimated to be around 12,000 years old has been unearthed near a highway in the province of New Brunswick.

Provincial archaeologist Brent Suttie said in a CBC News report that an intact campfire and 600 artifacts, mostly stone tools and flakes, have been recovered.

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