Health risks of online dating

Here are some precautions that you should take when an online date becomes a real date.

While this may not seem like something you’d automatically do, you might consider running a background check on this individual that you’re about to go out on an actual date with.

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By now, you should have enough information about him to be able to find out more in a background check.

And, should it come out that you’ve done so, remember this: The only one who’ll be upset about a background check is someone with something to hide.

There’s little time to get all the things done in a day that have to be taken care of, let alone find the time to meet someone new.

When it comes to women using the Internet to find potential dates or partners, however, there’s both good news and bad news.

Another aspect of having someone who knows your phone number and address, or can easily figure out where you live by clues you leave in your email correspondence – or that you outright tell him – is that you could be subjecting yourself to harassment by phone and/or in-person.