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Then she goes on to say in Thai that she's looking for someone who will love her for real, love long time, easy to talk to, not serious. Now a lot of these girls get annoyed when guys message them for sex yet they don't seem to mind asking for laptops, i Phone and other stupid shit they really don't need. So take a look at this profile Jewly seems like an alright profile but what a dumb ass.

This girl is high maintenance she doesn't really want real love she wants a sugar daddy. She puts up all her photos where she's in bikini's shows off her cleavage half dressed then tells people she doesn't like sex cam she hates it!

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The ability to send and receive messages and has chat enabled.

Though for me I hate using the chat because I'd rather be talking on the phone so I typically disable this feature.

That said the trick to using Thai Friendly is still to send as many messages to girls as you can therefore the only way to do that is to pay the monthly fee.

You can pay for a year which makes it cheaper if you use it a lot but I disagree with this method, you need remove your profile every 25 days and make a new one because then you'll show up as a new member and everyone wants to check out the new members!!

Take this girl for example there is already an area on your profile to say what kind of foods she likes saying that she likes Fuji in the header is a dead giveaway she's fishing for a free meal.