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The quality of the ladies seems to have slightly improved compared to the last couple of years. Spent some time hanging around there, then moved to Duisburg RLD.

Do you want hotel visit from a girl, or do you want to visit a small apartment, or perhaps visit a large FKK club like Dolce Vita? Passed by the historical Hinter dem Bahndamm, about 500-700 meters from Dusseldorf railway station. Is there anyone who has been there recently who could share his thoughts about the LU and the price range etc.

If you don’t, people will audibly tut or even reprimand you.

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Took train to Oberhausen before Christmas to tge RLD. Went into the Laufhaus and ine girl quoted 100 for an hour. Webt outside and found a young skinny girl wuth great tits for 30 fir 20 minutes.

I am looking for bondage / fetish clubs that allow me to be dominant. The plan is to mainly spend time in the top FKKs: Dolce Vita, Living Room, Oceans.

So much so, I thought I would sum up the relative joys and disappointments of expat life in Dusseldorf into the good, the bad – and the OK, hands down, the best thing about living in Germany is the food. Admittedly, if you don’t like the combination of meat and carbs you might struggle a bit, but once you embrace it: nom, nom, nom. I often feel in the UK people classify themselves either as sporty or non-sporty and if you’re non-sporty, any activity is a no-no. And getting by here on the average wage is generally pretty easy. A glass of white wine is normally around €4, but you can pick up a decent bottle in any supermarket for the same. Germany, meanwhile, is still partying like it’s 1979: it is almost impossible to pay on card anywhere and in the few places you can, most retailers will insist you sign instead of using this new-fangled , I hear you ask.

I’m not trying to make Germany sound like a utopia, but here sport really is a non-negotiable part of life. German standard bank cards don’t have a three-letter security code on the back, so a lot of online retailers are out of the question.

Germany has a great beer culture – it’s not all about getting drunk, rather the genuine love of beer.