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RED Touch 9.0" LCD, RED Touch 7.0" LCD, RED Touch 5.0" LCD, RED PRO 7" LCD, BOMB EVF (OLED) and BOMB EVF (LCOS) compatible with DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor A and LCD/EVF cable. REDCODE values and max frame rates may vary based on selected acquisition format, aspect ratio, project time base, Lookaround setting, and SSD.

Tech specs reflect both current and projected information. For more information on available REDCODE compression settings for all formats, see the DSMC Media Operation Guide. For more information on available acquisition formats, see the DSMC Operation Guides. Avid DNx HD/HR Codecs recording support added to DSMC2 firmware v6.3 or later. Third-party non-linear editing (NLE) applications may have limited compatibility with R3D files.

This free HD Pipeline surf camera pans from the "left" at Pipe to the "right" at Pipe, which is known as Backdoor.

Pipe is most consistent in the winter when long-period ground swells descend on Hawaii from the North Pacific.

The first frame has a high ISO and short exposure time, and the second has a low ISO and longer exposure time.

The first frame tends to be noisy, while the second instead exhibits blur due to camera shake.

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