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"You just place your order and the food is brought to you," coached Amit Sehgal, a principal in the operation who noted that over 80 part-timers and full-time managers will be employed at the 2,800 square-foot eatery. It's not DQ -- I go here for family time, for a good time.

We put in a little area for working people with Wi Fi, with USB for a charging station, it's a dedicated area for them, for anyone." He continued, "The community needed something more than what was here in the past.

The DQ Blizzard Battle was a digital-only campaign.

While the Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Blizzard flavors were promoted with a national TV commercial, we relied exclusively on social media channels for this campaign (Faceboook, Twitter, and Instagram) and used a microsite hub for the official vote (DQBlizzard

As for the new North Shore place, "What we are trying to do is we'll have an online ordering systems where they can place their orders and the orders will be ready and you can pick up with us," said Seghal. Its franchises sell breakfast, lunch and dinner items such as biscuits 'n' gravy, hashbrown patties, plus burgers with fries.