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On the contrary, Derek has taken and adapted some of the most well known strategies for attracting women and then adapted them to work online… The program shows you all ins and outs of making a profile, getting the right pictures, how to message women, and so forth and then gets into how to handle instant messaging, email exchanges, and then getting her out on a date with you.

There is also an INORDINANT amount of bonus material included in this program including material from a couple really good teachers like Bobby Rio and a really smart fitness guy. One of the things that I liked best about this program was the fact that it was tightly focused on one specific skill, picking up women online.

There is definitely a shortage of quality online attraction advice – and Derek Lamont’s system is widely lauded as one of the very few which is seen to have ‘cracked the code’.

I’ve known Lamont for some time now, and I can personally attest to the effectiveness of his online dating strategies.

I am absolutely not an authority on online seduction – so I’ve asked Lamont to give us some useful pointers for all Derek readers on the topic of online attraction.: Lamont, you’ve come to known as one of the very few who has ‘cracked’ the code of online game and attraction. Well, I started off as a complete and utter failure. You see, Derek, I did not experience any success in the dating world – the number of times I was rejected and got laughed off my face was simply .