Dating waitress chinese restaurant

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These things happen; you work closely with people for much of the week and you tend to socialise after work down the bar/pub, I've never worked anywhere where staff didn't mingle whether professional or not.

I think someones had a bad experience they don't want to share.....:rolleyes: No not a bad experience at all, perhaps the term loser is a bit too strong, I seriously doubt everyone here works 18 hours a day. I am married to a chef who I met outside of work, it has been my observation that these relationships do not work out most of the time.

This would happen to whomever the flavor of the day was with him and went on for a few years. Or my manager poking the waitresses or hostesses who once again get preferential treatment, or the chefs girlfriend who is a terrible waitress but cannot be repremanded because you will PO the chef, even if she screws up every table every night.

Don't you think there is a reason why most companies do not encourage this practice? And I guess yes, I've been a loser for 22 years and counting.

There was no unproffessionalism in my dating my eventual wife, we were both line employees, not management. As I said earlier they didn't always work out well, however you can't discount the fact that one day someone might come along that is your perfect match (whether at work or not).