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If you have a smartphone just download the app, show it to them at the register & BAM 40% off! Because it was on glass I used a hot glue gun to attach my label to the jar.

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I recommend the harder lamination since this will hopefully be used again and again!

Not only do these darling placemats have games like boxes & tic tac toe, but they have sections where the kids can write or draw the things that happened in their day.

I also made sure to put the colored side to the outside of the circle so my jar will be extra colorful! I got mine at Hobby Lobby when they had a 50% sale.

If they aren’t having a sale you will definitely want to use a 40% off coupon. When your questions are all in your jar, you can add the adorable label to the outside.

This will help to make sure it is straight AND the glue will stick to the glass better! Put your new jar on the table at meal time and take turns pulling a question out.