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And one tryst led to another, and at the end of the movie, although they wanted to keep the date casual, they ended up embracing each other and sharing a passionate kiss. The story of Jamie and Dylan (as well as mine and Becky) – also known as “A Tale Of Two Fuck Buddies” - is so common that almost everyone experiences it (if you don't believe me, ask some of your friends if they have slept with a fling or two... So, if you want to find people to fuck in London, then My Sex Hookups is the site for you.

After watching the movie, Becky and I got a little carried away with the movie’s sex scenes, and we ended up sleeping with each other (trust me, guys, watching naughty movies with a girl right next to you can help you sneak a kiss... This is a topic that we need to clear up: is the term “slut” or “slags” offending?

In the movie, Jamie Rellis, an executive recruiter for a job agency in New York, befriends Dylan Harper, an art director for an Internet company in Los Angeles.

Although their relationship started out as the platonic type (and the fact that Jamie somehow used him to land a commission for recruiting him for a job in the Big Apple), they eventually agreed to have sex without emotion or commitment after spending a night at Jamie's apartment. Is it a bad thing to get involved with fuck buddies? The truth is you don't need an “official” partner just to get laid.

Some female members on our site prefer those terms and call themselves that openly.