Dating out of boredom 14 hot sex dates in 47 days dating guide pdf

[Read: Signs you’re more than just friends with someone else already] #6 Sex is just boring. If you find it more fun to think of excuses to avoid sex than actually have it, you’re more than just bored with your love life.

[Read: 30 super sexy ways to spice up your sex life] #7 Special memories.

If you feel this way, you really have no choice but to let go because you’ll never be happy with this person you’re dating unless you feel like an equal. You may meet someone you deserve, someone who’s way better than your current partner. [Read: How to break up with someone you love and not hurt them] #5 Emotional affairs.

You may be having an emotional affair with a good friend or even a colleague at work, and not even know it!

[Read: Signs to find out of you’re not in love anymore] So why does that happen?