Dating men from india

I would like to hear experiences from those in such a relationship...

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I was recently approached (online) by a south asian man and I'm not sure what to make of it.

I I have never dated a man of indian descent before and I've heard some good things and bad things about Indian men dating Black women.

Arranged marriages are in huge decline throughout India and has been from the 70s/80s. Live amongst yourself with that heart full of Hate and tear yourselves apart.

Most people in urban India (as large a population as USA) are doing love marriages, they are largely inter-caste because 9 out of 10 chance is that person you are dealing with is not your own caste as there are thousands of castes and subcastes. That statement u just made, apply that to yourself!

I have dated black guys in the past but i have come to find out that indian men treat their women better than black men do.