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We head to the back of the food stalls and talk to Tsujita chef Masahiro Shimomura.His ramen is coveted for a few reasons, including its delicate mix of bamboo shoots, scallions, black wood-ear mushrooms and roasted pork.

Regardless of this kind of debate, enjo kosai is largely perceived as being an extension of Japan’s long-growing focus on materialism, especially among groups of teenage and young adult women.

In particular, the practice of enjo kosai still seems to conjure images of the classic 90s kogal look as previously described here – shortened school skirts paired with baggy white socks held up with sock glue, artificially tanned skin, and bleached hair paired with a thick layer of pale makeup…

The scene makes one thing clear: the ramen craze that started a few years ago is still at full steam.

Industry experts say about six ramen shops are opening up every month in America now, and in first-ever places like Ohio and Kansas.

Shimomura is also eager to offer his ramen-eating tips. “Eat the noodles while they’re hot, before they get soggy,” he says. “Those are awesome noodles because they’re still chewy,” she says. He says everything changed when he started trying different types of ramen in Tokyo.