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Everyone mentioned oral sex at some point, while ‘cuddling’ and ‘post-coital banter’ also frequently came up.

The basic smooth-down-below/trimmed-on-top will exponentially increase your chances of your man going down on you.

A rather obvious-sounding note that seems necessary to add, given the stories out there: when it comes to ‘feminine hygiene’, do not shirk.

You will be surprised to know that Google Docs offers a bunch of innovative features that don’t even exist in other office productivity suites.

Today, Google offers a real-time office collaboration tools that let you create, edit and share docs, sheets, slides and forms.

A word of warning: avoid promising sex and then not following through. You may not always think so when your expensive bra ends up in a corner 10 seconds after he’s got your top off, but it is. If you’re worried about getting your money’s worth make sure he knows what you’ve got on beforehand – and tell him at a particularly inappropriate moment. One of the reasons your man is going out with you is that he thinks you’re hot. Stressing about your imaginary fat roll or a teeny bit of cellulite is not particularly attractive – and, besides, he’s focusing on your good points, not your bad points.