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In a rare Aries man and woman relationship both experience electric sparks of passion and chemistry in their togetherness.

They would always be on top of things and try to impress each other with their devotion and passion.

But once trusted whole-heartedly, Aries often lives up to the expectations.

Professionally you both are likely to excel well as your career stands very important and you both prefer to live a comfortable life with no mortgages and bills left unpaid.

If you are in love with this bold Aries man and are yourself that very self-confident Aries girl then make your mind clear that in a long run you have to listen to him for having a peaceful relationship.

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    Texts like suggesting pizza and football for a Monday night date or randomly sending “I love you” go a long way too.

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    All the while my mind wandered, thinking about if my new liquid lipsticks had been shipped yet, wondering what sheet mask I should apply tonight, when and if someone is gonna finally kill Ramsay Bolton’s ole sadistic ass. No, we had rather nice and lengthy conversations over the phone before we met face-to-face.

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    A player or user guy will text you again in a few weeks wanting to see you that night. It’s all about how he FEELS when he’s with you, and he knows it.

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