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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your gf is 19 years old, tomorrow is our 4 month anniversary. tie a red ribbon through it, and tell her "she holds the key to your heart".

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Celebrate your anniversary by doing something out of the ordinary.

Experiences help to bring people close together and form new memories, explains psychologist Ryan T. D., writing for "Psychology Today." Plan to take a romantic one day class.

Her parents do not like Asian, our dating is basically without her parents support.

I am still not very confidence of our future, since her parents do not like my ethical background, I am a Chinese-Canadian. Beside, her dad and family sell dubee in my community, lives in a ghetto.

Select a place that evokes a romantic feeling with its atmosphere and cuisine, such as a French or Italian restaurant. Sit down for a candlelit dinner and play soft music in the background. Head to the park and read excerpts from a romantic poetry book to each other. Go back to how it all began and literally repeat your first date all over again. Eat dinner back at the same restaurant and order the same meals.