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Although an Aries may come across as domineering at first, yet the last thing he desires is a submissive partner.

A happy and satiated in love Aries can be extremely generous, cheerful and adventurous.

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Both magnetic and awe-inspiring in his overwhelming innocence and trust in the inherent goodness of the world, the neonate in Ram doesn’t know the world till he experiences it first hand.

And, that is why many of his interactions with the real-world jolt him.

An Aries will not hesitate in going to the least probable places looking for love, especially if it catches his fancy.

An Aries wilts in absence of love; love is like a magic potion, a supplement to him. Aries seeks constant attention when in a relationship; neglect can seriously put him/ her off.

Most impressive are their leadership qualities and optimism.

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    This online socializing, just like it’s offline counterpart, can present some danger.

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    The only good thing that some philosophers have done for scientists was that they have protected them against the preconceptions engineered by other philosophers.

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    Their relationship became such a distraction that Ted was forced to fire him. Knowing that Robin dating PJ was a source of frustration to Barney who is in love with Robin, Marshall offered PJ a job as a paralegal for GNB. Marshall then used PJ to handle the grunt work of running the fantasy baseball team at GNB.