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From the GQ archive: The nation's most brilliant photographer has spent half a century at the very top of his profession.In that time David Bailey has become a bigger star than many of his subjects - a list including Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan and Francis Bacon.

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Giggling nearly as much as Bailey, sat on the low, squishy, square leather sofas around a large, cluttered wooden table next to the photographer, are his ex-lover and first muse Jean Shrimpton (rather proudly, he is still on good terms with all his exes) and his fourth, and very beautiful, wife Catherine Bailey.

In the background, clattering around, is his second-eldest child Fenton, 19, who's performing a precarious balancing act with two spotlights, one camera tripod and a half-smoked Marlboro Light.

Remnick too, you might guess, had honourable intentions: not only eager to employ the skills of one of the world's greatest living portrait takers but also hungry to attach a name such as Bailey's to the weekly magazine.

The date was set, a swanky table in Manhattan booked, and two of today's cultural titans got together for a professional, but friendly, chow down.

To mark the broadcast of We'll Take Manhattan, a BBC drama about his relationship with Jean Shrimpton and the photoshoot that catapulted them both to superstardom, we revisit this classic 2006 interview in which David Bailey told GQ why the best may be yet to come.since former editor Tina Brown left in a flurry of column inches in 1998).