Computer froze when updating bios

That would mean that during OS installation or use something gets written to the controller chip.

computer froze when updating bios-25

But this is only based on familiarity with how corrupt boot code can block installs, remedied by Cleaning the HD which wipes the boot sector, and how boot often needs repair after reimaging which I'd just done.

If BIOS doesn't see code at that stage then wouldn't it have to be mechanical?

Swapped cables with known-good OD which had just booted disk, HD still blocks POST, freezing at Emachine screen.

Solution: Next I swapped in a known-good HD and it started up so I knew prob had to be limited to the HD.

e Machine 6216 being reimaged, rebooted to frozen e Machine splash screen, won't POST, No F keys respond. Update: Pulled HD power, can enter BIOS setup, even boot a disk.