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Anyway, I found them to be lovely people and I am glad to see more like them in the skeptic community.One thing skeptical activism doesn’t have enough of, and perhaps can’t have enough of, is creative and entertainment products that promote skepticism.Such works can be powerful at reaching large, general audiences and not merely the conference-going or magazine-subscribing public. Skeptic Ink Who are you, and how did you get in here? KS The catalyst was a drive to Springfield, Missouri for Skepticon 3 in fall of 2010.

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I've recently been confronted by an arguement against evolution in that Carbon Dating is fallible. Despite this confrontation i still hold a firm atheistic belief, but it's been bugging me and it's something that i need to clear up, i was hoping if anyone on this forum or the panel could give me definitive answers that would be greatly apreciated.

I launched into skeptism with this claim, but it planted a seed of doubt in my mind. I don't know how old the argument is, but any help would be nice. My son was in a basketball league ran by a local church (I live in Kentucky, if you want to do anything social..involves a church).

Kyle serves in the Air Force, as I did (until 2009).

I enjoy meeting fellow skeptics with a military background, it does not happen much.

Speaking of that…You were slated to speak at a “skeptic” conference on the topic of aviation and skepticism, but were suddenly disinvited. KS After a few days of coordinating, I was going to host a workshop titled “A Pilot’s Guide to Extreme Skepticism”.