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While the SARC primarily provides management and oversight of victim services, SAPR VAs provide direct assistance to victims and help victims navigate the military's response network.

SARCs and SAPR VAs listen to victims' needs and then connect victims with appropriate resources, including medical care, mental healthcare, legal advice, spiritual support, and additional command support, if needed.

According to court documents, Birjas also allowed Momon to hide approximately $680,000 worth of his bribe money in Birjas’s safe at the villa.

Birjas admitted that, after Momon had returned to the United States at the end of his tour, Birjas agreed to assist Momon in arranging for $250,000 of Momon’s bribe money to be transferred from Kuwait to the United States. According to court documents, Birjas delivered approximately $85,000 worth of Momon’s bribe money to Martin for ultimate delivery to Momon in the United States. Kelly of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section.

Service members have free legal advice and assistance available to them on their base and installation.