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The lady I talked with Mary (**) was not at all helpful and said I was going to be charged anyway. I cannot even unsubscribe because my email address is connected to a postal code I do not know. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME - EHARMONY IS A ** DATING SITE!! I got limited selection in my area and no responses.

She did mention that in 9 months I would not be auto renewed. Who wants to communicate with a vague description?? I have read numerous complaints about the lack of communication on e Harmony.

Then my next complaint is that you must send them these generic questions when I believe it is better to simply ask what questions are important for you.

Then there is no way to tell if your email was even read or not.

There is no way to tell whether the other person is even on the website anymore as Eharmony does not post the last time they visited the site like other dating sites do.