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Rather than feel bad for myself, I decided to take my first dive into the true, adult world that is the NYC dating scene and man, I bounced back from that heartbreak quickly.

Through the whole summer, I dated this amazing and charming British guy who was not only the most romantic guy I’ve ever known, but also hailed from royalty, which drastically increased how often I fantasized about being a princess.

Being the cheeky assh*le that I am, I was like, “before you say anything else, YES, I will marry you!

” Turns out my joke was not that funny, because after a 10-minute explanation of his current status as an immigrant, he did in fact ask me to marry him for a green card.

Not to mention, I’m already fantasizing about this Uruguayan waiter I met last weekend. What if I meet the guy I want to marry a week after tying the knot with the Brit?

I’m basically risking a normal, healthy relationship for what? Not worth it to put my life on hold just to save an old fling from getting deported back to his castle in England. There’s also the obvious point that this is extremely illegal.

CONS: When I think about the man I’m going to marry, I always give myself at least 10 years before I lose my passion and start to fantasize about our Uruguayan pool boy.