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Just check in the market the applications you have already installed, and uncheck the auto update. : Auto update has always allowed you to choose which apps update automatically and which dont.(Using the "Allow Automatic Update" toggle) And for completeness; they only auto update if the permissions havent changed. The enhancement would be that you are able to choose if that update can use any data connection or only a specific one like wifi. We want to say "auto update ONLY on wlan, not on 3G" BTW market auto updates its default apps you cannot stop that from happening either.

Further, if it could be an API such that applications can trivially have options for certain traffic to use certain connections that would be even better.

What I'm thinking here is for apps such as news and weather or email to pre-fetch as much data as they can when on Wi-Fi and fall back to 'on demand' usage when on 3G. -Haz The current setup is a real problem, and I've been burnt when roaming because of this.

And some contracts offer only limited 3G data even while in-network.

Would like to see the following: * Market should be able to operate in offline mode, to toggle settings, manage local apps etc * There should be a global 'auto update on/off' toggle in the Market app * There should be an option to enforce 'auto-update only over Wi Fi' in the Market app As of today, android market allows you to configure the autoupdate feature of each application separately.

This way you can control when updates are taking place so they don't happen automatically at an inconvenient time.