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Meanwhile Beatz’s soon to be ex-wife wants us to know that it’s not true that her marriage was already over when Alicia Keys stepped in and stole her man.Singer Mashonda has penned one of the best “wife to the other woman” rebuttals that I’ve ever read.

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Throughout her relationship and marriage to Swizz, Alicia has barely answered any questions about the shadiness of this whole mess.

Whenever she’s confronted with direct questions – rarely – Alicia pushes them off or acts like she’s too important to deign to justify Swizz’s shenanigans.

Their marriage and the birth of their son Egypt continued the “whitewashing of Alicia” in the press, and nowadays whenever the big outlets cover her, they make it sound like Alicia and Swizz are completely in love and he’s such a doting father and you wouldn’t know that he’s got a bunch of other children that he doesn’t support and barely sees.

That’s all backstory because Alicia continues the whitewash in this new Marie Claire interview.

‘I was like, he is so annoying,’ she said, reminiscing about when she saw him drive past a restaurant in a huge white Rolls-Royce Phantom.