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I’m not saying you should take your parents’ Ferrari on a joy ride or dance around on a parade float à la Ferris Bueller, but you might be surprised at the connections that pop up as a result of letting go and just having fun![Read: 11 steps to fall in love with yourself and be a much better YOU] #5 Don’t assume someone is too good for you Samantha Baker from “Sixteen Candles” is a High School sophomore who has a serious crush on Jake Ryan (a senior, leader of the popular crowd and all round hottie). But lo and behold, all it took was him finding out how she felt and he was hers by the end of the movie.FILMS ARE OUR BUSINESS The Firm, Casuals, This is England ’86, Hanna & Breaking Bad is just a taste of some of the film and TV work aided by 80's Casual Classics.

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They have their insecurities, their woes, and their journey to find true love is far from smooth. ] 10 motivating dating *and life* tips you can learn from an 80s teen movie I found that I have learnt more about love and life from these movies than any chick flick or self help book.

Yes, the characters have their struggles, but they truly learn from them and you should too!

If you haven’t seen the film, you may well have seen the famous clip of Cusack’s character lifting a boom box above his head blaring Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” outside the window of his love interest. Throw caution to the wind and tell your crush how you really feel by making a romantic gesture. Tailor your gesture to your date’s interests, be sure to steer clear of anything that makes you too uncomfortable *however, something that shows some disregard for your own pride sort of adds to the charm*, and let your personality shine through.

If they don’t appreciate your gesture, maybe your connection isn’t as strong as you thought, and that person just isn’t right for you.

Have as much confidence in yourself as you can muster.