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According to The New York Post, the site now boasts over 500 members, mostly in well-populated urban centers like New York City and Washington, D. For .95 a month, users gain unlimited access to the site’s features, which is a steal compared to the charged by its closest competitor, Where White People

“I think there’s a special stigma when people say they’re supporting Trump, because of some of the brash things that he’s said,” the site’s founder David Goss told the Post.

As strongly worded as Mc Cain’s statement is, it carries little force.

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But somewhere in the mix they apparently forgot that these investigations weren’t about uncovering the sordid truth, they were cynical political exercises designed to produce one outcome: To win the presidency and both houses of Congress. Of course, there’s no real reason for Trump and Pence to acquiesce and let Congressional Republicans investigate the chem trails that were reportedly spotted over Benghazi—at least not right now.

The purpose of these investigations was to distract and damage, and with Trump in the White House, priorities have shifted.

As Declan Walsh reports for the Times: Many Muslims have long viewed America’s vision of itself as hypocritical and its idealism as degraded.

After years of grinding war in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, there is a growing belief that even many Americans do not truly believe talk about America being a “shining city on the hill” that seeks to do good in the world.“Trump has dispensed with the politeness, but that wasn’t fooling people before,” said Karl Sharro, a Lebanese-Iraqi architect and commentator who is based in London.

“In being honest about these draconian measures, a lot of people will say that at least we know where we stand now.”The ban is extremely instructive, dispelling a lot of the cant that clouds American politics.